About Our Foundation

East West Foundation or EWFoundation.org is dedicated to help private businesses, schools and government agencies across the Pacific Ocean to connect and exchange culture, technologies and best practices.  We also provide a mean to encourage and leverage the global economy by strengthen relationship through knowledge exchange.  Our purpose is to bring corporate or government entities together to represent and share the effectiveness and best practices of their organizations. 

Our organization has helped many companies and government agencies mainly from China and the United States to explore and share best practices to bring mutual benefits to both parties.  We have helped a variety of industries including agriculture, corporate, universities, vocational and academy institutions, or court systems to mention a few.

We provide a wide range of services from event planning to meeting coordination.  Delegates or visitors can study and share valuable information from oversea to help solving an existing problem or improving upon one.   Each visit we help delegates to organize and coordinate their conferences, meetings, transportation, translation services and booking.  Our main services are but not limited to:

  • Business Exchange Programs
  • Academy Exchange Programs
  • Government Exchange Programs
  • Conference and Translation Services
  • Expert Networking

Furthermore, East West foundation has a wide array of network with our partners that we can help our clients to connect to other services that we are not providing.  We can help our clients with discounted services such as transportation, hotel or event bookings.

We are creating a culture bridge across the Pacific Ocean.